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Dining at Wild Breeze

Welcome to Wild Breeze - a specialty dining venue at Anaya Resort, Bilaspur.

The uniqueness of any resort is not because of it's location, neither it is of the scenery around. It's because of the comfort of home that it provides to us. Wild Breeze is just that part of the resort which ensures that you're fed delicious food, tapered to just the right ingredients and taste.

Chefs at Wild Breeze are trained with unique skills of preparing some outstanding delicacies. Simplicity in cooking with pure ingredients- what makes each preparation a real treat. All chefs are adamant in using pure home ground spices. The result surely reflects in every preparation- making them master pieces. We have set a benchmark for using only rock salt in all our preparation- after all your well being is also our responsibility.

We have completely eliminated Mono Sodium Glutamate (commonly known as Ajinomoto) form our ingredient list and still prepare delicious meals. Our chefs have also promised for preparing food without using any artificial food color. We guarantee that you will still find each preparation as beautiful in presentation.

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